Saturday, March 30, 2013


Happy Easter weekend to you all.  Not being a churchgoer myself, I won't really be celebrating with the masses (unless you count this ham biscuit I'm eating a day early), so I'll wait until the Kentucky Derby to get my fix of women wearing ridiculous hats in public. 

However, if I were attending services, I hear there's a really good minister down in South Texas who puts on a helluva sermon, and well, that would be my choice.

Anyhow, I'm glad the weekend is here.  I'm going to try to do some more writing and such, along with the usual housekeeping chores, instead of being outside having fun.  I've felt a little under the weather this week, drained really, so I'm ok with the pouring rain that we've had for the past couple of days.  I was going to go on a night hike last night at Beaman Park (my favorite place to hike in all of Nashville), but 1) the weather was totally crappy, and 2) I couldn't find my headlamp.  The place I was going was DEEP in the woods, and while the moon is almost full, it's completely overcast, so there would be no light at all--I would've been stumbling around in the woods, tripping over roots, splashing through unseen puddles, basically having a miserable time.  So I opted out. 

Speaking of housekeeping, one hint for the five of you who still leave comments.  You only need to submit them once.  They go into a moderation queue, and stay there until I can get to a computer and approve them.  Loading them three and four times doesn't help or speed up the process.  Say it once, with feeling, of course, but then you'll be good to go.  Midweek, I can't really get to them till late at night, since Blogger is blocked at work, and so is the local wi-fi network (they change the passwords like the entry codes at Fort Knox, so only the higher-ups have access.  On my desk, most sites that are unapproved are blocked.  And the mobile Blogger app on my iPhone doesn't allow me to approve comments (yet), so while it may seem that I have forsaken thee, I have not.

As far as my weekend goes, tonight I'm hanging out with the hippies down in Cool Springs, seeing some sort of Battle of the Bands or American Idol wannabe show (but they're using real musicians with guitars, not pitch-shifters, sequencers, and drum machines, so it should be a hundred percent more watchable than all that crap on prime time TV).  Probably gonna spend the night at their place, sleeping at the bottom of a pug pile, then I think we're having a family brunch tomorrow.

Other than that, it's all up in the air.  I have no plans, no commitments, and no meetups to go to.  But I do have that whole book thing hanging over me, and I'd really like it to be finished by Labor Day.  That's the goal, but knowing what I don't know, that might be a little optimistic.  So I'll have to put some time in at the keyboard, even if it ends up where I write twenty pages and can only use six paragraphs, which is likely. 

Peace out until sometime next week--



bdog said...

So glad to see you are back, healthy, working etc, and a cool car to boot.
Best Regards to another Survivor!!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Mikey, allow email notification for comments. Then you can approve them right from your email. Ugh! I've worked in places where they block all the good sites. Sucks.

THOMAS said...

would suck to have all the good sites blocked at work...they kind of force you to work...yuck!

Unknown said...

I think I am guilty of multiple comment uploads. Sometimes over VPN I never know if it works.

par88 said...

Hey Mikey I was just deleting some old bookmarks and decided to click on your old blog link...... wow I was stunned to see you're posting again! Woot! I'm so glad you're back! Can't wait to catch up on your recent posts.