Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Recent Photo, and a Not-So-Recent One

This here is a picture of me and Lara. We blew off class on Monday afternoon and went to the Sahara for a few drinks. The bartender was kind enough to snap a picture for us.

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And no, I didn't win the Mustang at the Palms. So I'm still pimpin' around town in the Ghetto Sled.

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Only mine has 10 years of nicks and dings in it, along with a passenger-side window that's slightly off-track and a free-form antenna that hangs down low over the rear wheel-well. Like Jules told the Wolf... Other than that, the car is tip-top! Yep, a fine piece of American craftsmanship.

Also, the answer to the trivia question is...The day BEFORE and the day AFTER the MLB All-Star Game. Why it took ESPN so long to figure that out and hold the ESPYs then is anyone's guess.



Gretchen said...

I wish I had known, we were in the Sahara Monday around 6p -- with my daughter and her friends for the daily hold'em tournament. Would have loved to meet you! Next trip, I guess.

dr_al said...

Man, you have a killer t-shirt collection.